HoK and KABA Clean-Up Day 2014…Success!

Over 40 volunteers came out to take pride in their neighborhood.

More then 150 bags of trash were collected this past Saturday April 5th in the Heart of Kensington.

Just goes to show that when you give a community the opportunity and the tools to do the  job right everyone pitches in.

Thank you to the local businesses that donated the food, the City of Philadelphia for the tools, and of course all the wonderful neighbors who came out and gave their time and energy to do the work.

Let’s do it again next year!!

Finally, a Philadelphia Land Bank!

On 12/5/2013, City Council unanimously voted to adopt the Land Bank Bill# 130156-A and send it for Final approval at next week’s Council session!

Congratulations to Council President Clarke, Councilmember Jones and especially our Land Bank champion Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez.

Without their hardwork, dedication, and diligence we could not have taken this huge leap forward in our Fight Against Blight and
the Revitalization of our great City of Philadelphia!

Land Bank


Kensington and Aramingo Business Associations Annual Meeting

Casbah Caterer’s was standing room only as the Kensington and Allegheny Business Association (KABA)  was welcomed by the Aramingo Business Association (ABA) to their Annual Pre-Holiday affair.  The meeting was very enjoyable and most informative.  City Officials from 24th Police District, L&I, Philadelphia Water Department, and the District Attorney’s office outlined their vision and plans for the future of our area.  Websites were unveiled for both the ABA and KABA.  As always, the food was appetizing and the opportunity to network after the meal was spirited.  Conversation rounded off another successful year of working together to reach our mutual goal of both corridors to be a “Clean, Safe and Pleasant Shopping Experience”.   We will do it all over again in 2014!        

ABA KA meeting 2013         

Fight to rebuild our neighborhoods and business corridors – Support the Land Bank Bill with us!

The December 5th City Council session is the second to last of the year. This means that it is our last shot to get needed amendments to the Land Bank bill to enable it to be passed before the end of the year.

How do we do that? We show up in numbers! We make sure that they see us, that they know we’re watching and engaged, and we make our voices heard! We’ve had a lot of great media coverage and our message is resonating, so now we need to turn out and see this across the finish line.

RSVP and join us in City Hall, Room 400, on Thursday, December 5th at 10 AM. Spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues and bring someone with you. Don’t forget to bring your I.D. to get into City Hall. There will be signs and Land Bank buttons, and together we’ll make sure we get the predictable, efficient, transparent, accountable, and equitable Land Bank Philadelphia deserves.

Let’s support our Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez and get this done!

Green Machines soon to be back in action!

ABA Green machinesThanks to Philadelphia LISC, we will be getting the funds to repair and put back into use our Mean Green Cleaning Machines!

Our goal of a clean and safe shopping corridor and surrounding neighborhoods will be easier to achieve.

We can once again reach the levels of cleanliness we once enjoyed and better maintain them going forward!

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