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The Kensington & Allegheny Business Association is an organization of local business owners and managers working together to create an environment that is more attractive to and supportive of businesses in the area.


–          Attract, support and retain businesses in the K&A Corridor

–          Encourage economic growth and involvement in the community

Monthly Meetings: KABA’s meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month bringing business owners and managers together with city service providers to address issues regarding safety, graffiti, zoning, parking, sanitation, permits and inspections, graffiti, crime, short dumping, and other issues that erode profit and distract management from its key responsibilities.

Membership benefits

–          Network and connect with local businesses, neighborhood organizations and service providers

–          Opportunity to share news and announcements at monthly meetings

–          Have a vote on topics that affect the corridor and the neighborhood

–          Participate in joint marketing and advertising campaigns

–          Have your business on the new K&A Corridor Directory (

If you would care to join KABA please see below for contact information.

Rolando Sanchez for details.

215-739-1600 ext 128


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